Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Australian Adventure!

At the start of November specially selected performers headed across the world to Melbourne Australia, to learn about the exciting new sports division, which will be coming to the UK on the 5th of December.

In 2000, sports launched in Australia’s fastest growing city, Melbourne, and like the city, the division is expanding. Following this, in August 2009, after conquering the rest of Australia, it traversed the short distance across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand. Due the success of this expansion into New Zealand, the sports division is set to open with The Coulson Organisation in the UK, who will then take it across the pond to be launched in California.
Whilst in Melbourne, the guys are being coached in business and events by the best leaders Australia has to offer; nevertheless it is one of our own, Nathan Moffat, who is outshining them all by consistently highrolling, with the rest of our guys hot on his heels. However it is not only the guys in the field who are excelling in this new environment, Katie has been learning all the behind the scenes and administration procedures that allows these guys to go out and perform as well as they do. Katie will be coming back two weeks before the other guys and will be charged with getting everything set up to allow the new division to be launched as soon as the others come back in order to hit the target of the 5th of December.

Yet it hasn’t been all work for the guys while over there, on Saturday night, a massive party was held at Baroque Bar, with canap├ęs, drinks and a lot of embarrassing dance moves. Some of the guys are also being given the chance to go on a road trip to Ballarat, a city 65 miles North West of Melbourne, and are extremely excited about it.

Whilst all the guys are loving their time in Melbourne, they cannot wait to get back to the UK and get started pioneering this new division.