Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Premier Club Leaders Meeting, Reading!

On Saturday 18th August, the top 10% of leaders within the Coulson Organisation attended the Premier Club Leaders Meeting in Reading. Top performing and rising star leaders selected to attend the exclusive meeting along with some special guests from other organisations.

The day began with breakfast, followed by topics hosted by owners within the organisation and guest speakers. The topics aimed at developing the leaders to the next level.

The Administration team also attended the meeting. They treated to an afternoon of team building, and fun on a cheese and wine treasure hunt. Coulson Organisation appreciates the victory of the winning team who took home the coveted prize of chocolate gold medals in 'Olympic style'. In the evening, attendees met up for a buffet dinner followed by a night out at Sakura club with private booths in the VIP area. The organisation also congratulates everyone selected to attend the meeting.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sport Sports Sports

Back in November we reported the launch of the Sports Division here in the UK after some of our team were taken to Australia to be coached in the new campaign.

Over the last few months the division has gone from strength to strength, seeing some brilliant new people start with us who are now progressing through the Business Advancement Programme, records are being broken almost on a weekly basis and our very own Iain Dodds is looking likely to be hitting Assistant Ownership criteria very shortly.

Whilst running the sports division we have also continued to represent a number of our other clients at the same time but as the Sports Division continues to grow and with new clients already in the pipeline, we are delighted to announce that as of Monday 16th July we will officially be handing over the Charities division batton to our very own Dave Carruthers after he successfully worked through our business advancement programme and will now be running his own office.

This means that we will be solely working on behalf of our sporting clients here in the North east and will be continuing to represent them at events and within local businesses.

Well done again to Dave Carruthers on his promotion, we cannot wait to see the results he produces and we are massively looking forward to the next few months in Sports which is going to be huge!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Australian Adventure!

At the start of November specially selected performers headed across the world to Melbourne Australia, to learn about the exciting new sports division, which will be coming to the UK on the 5th of December.

In 2000, sports launched in Australia’s fastest growing city, Melbourne, and like the city, the division is expanding. Following this, in August 2009, after conquering the rest of Australia, it traversed the short distance across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand. Due the success of this expansion into New Zealand, the sports division is set to open with The Coulson Organisation in the UK, who will then take it across the pond to be launched in California.
Whilst in Melbourne, the guys are being coached in business and events by the best leaders Australia has to offer; nevertheless it is one of our own, Nathan Moffat, who is outshining them all by consistently highrolling, with the rest of our guys hot on his heels. However it is not only the guys in the field who are excelling in this new environment, Katie has been learning all the behind the scenes and administration procedures that allows these guys to go out and perform as well as they do. Katie will be coming back two weeks before the other guys and will be charged with getting everything set up to allow the new division to be launched as soon as the others come back in order to hit the target of the 5th of December.

Yet it hasn’t been all work for the guys while over there, on Saturday night, a massive party was held at Baroque Bar, with canap├ęs, drinks and a lot of embarrassing dance moves. Some of the guys are also being given the chance to go on a road trip to Ballarat, a city 65 miles North West of Melbourne, and are extremely excited about it.

Whilst all the guys are loving their time in Melbourne, they cannot wait to get back to the UK and get started pioneering this new division.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

VSO Training in Ireland

This month some of our top performers were invited over to Ireland to meet not only the person who began the important task of representing VSO in Ireland, but also their ambassador and Rose of Tralee , Clare Kambamettu! Claire has been heavily involved in promoting and seeing firsthand the importance of this charity. She recently visited Africa to see how much of an affect the fundraising we generate in this country can benefit others. This as you can imagine was not only a hugely humbling experience for our own fundraisers but also deeply rewarding, one of those lucky enough to go on the trip commented, ‘Hearing from someone who has experienced firsthand the help the VSO provide, really brought to light the importance of our own part in the process and made us all proud to be involved, no matter how small our contribution’.

After the inspirational speech by Clare Kambamettu, it was the turn of our top performers to give a presentation on what works for them in the field and what techniques helped them earn a place on the trip. The focus of the presentation was qualifying and dealing with the most common blocks and negatives they encounter, as the majority of the people in the audience were brand new to charities.

As mentioned they got to meet Daryl Burrowes who started to fundraise for VSO in Ireland from within his own office. His vision alone has helped secure thousands of long term donors, through whose help, the VSO will teach and create opportunities for people who are not as fortunate as we are in the UK and Ireland. His enthusiasm and drive for such an influential charity ‘greatly inspired, and give us a renewed energy to take into the field’ (Michael Lennon).

Needless to say all the guys involved felt refreshed in their knowledge of the charity and also motivated to continue with their hard work!

Appco Summer Rally August 2011

This year’s summer rally held in the Excel Arena London was proved to be no disappointment to the Coulson Organisation.

The arena was packed full of the offices from throughout England, Scotland, Wales, Northern and Southern Ireland each office anticipating their own recognition for the years hard work. Our office was no exception, as our guys and girls dressed to impress; we headed to the arena and were greeted by an atmosphere a football ground would be jealous of! As the lights shone and music played everyone got into the spirit singing along and cheering each other as their names and achievements were read out in front of 5,000 people.
Our very own David Carruthers, Elise Ebole, Rebecca Foster, Nathan Moffat and Iain Dodds were privileged to have earned the ‘Sales Achievement Award’ showing their hard work and dedication had certainly paid off. Especially Elise who has been with the company only a few short months!

Next it was the turn of our leaders, who were up for the ‘Leader Achievement Awards’, this was an important award showing that they have the qualities and skills to be an effective leader and role model for our newest members of the team, again we were not disappointed as David Carruthers and Ross Stokoe were lucky to have proved themselves more than worthy of such an award.

As the awards flowed it was time for the ‘Leaders Excellence Award’ in which David Carruthers and Ross Stokoe showed that they have the necessary skills and have worked hard to maintain a standard throughout the year.
And finally the ‘Sales Achievement Award ‘which is to recognise a positive attitude to sales as well as excellent results again our very own David Carruthers walked away with a clean sweep in the awards proving he is definitely one to watch for the future!

Congratulations to everyone who received awards at this year’s rally and here’s to another 6 months of success!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

New York, New York!

Dave Coulson was privileged to be invited Over to New York by Vice President Michael Scully. The aim of the visit was to not only show how the office there has expanded within the last 9 months but also to discuss a possible move into the Sport Division which we will be pioneering very shortly.

It was to be an eye opening experience with Dave joining in, not only with the morning meetings but also spending time out of the office in the infamous Queens district with some of the their own guys there. When we asked Dave about his experience he simply stated that although he was many miles from home with people from completely different backgrounds he still felt the same enthusiasm and dedication that he would expect from his own team back in Newcastle.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Newsflash!!!!!!! Sports division is coming to Newcastle

The Coulson Organisation received some amazing news this week. We are delighted to announce that we have been specially selected by Appco to pioneer the Sports Division in the UK.
The division is already a huge success in Australia and the Coulson Organisation will see it being rolled out in the UK this September, beginning with our office location here in Newcastle.
Dave Coulson will be taking 3 members of the coulson team along with one of the Administrators to Melbourne in Australia for three weeks to train and be coached in this exciting new division.

The new division will be running alongside our existing campaigns meaning we will need to at least double the size of our team over the next few months. It is safe to say that the Coulson Organisation is going from strength to strength in 2011. We can hardly contain our excitement!

Liam Jones a leader at the Coulson Organisation said of the news "When me and the rest of the team found out that the Coulson Organisation would be pioneering the new sports division in the UK the office nearly errupted. A new product, a new challenge and lots of opportunity! It is fantastic news and the fact we have been given the opportunity to do this shows that all of our hard work has paid off and has been recognised. I am determined to be massively involved in the new division when it launches in September"