Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tuscan Christmas Rally

As the year came to an end, the Coulson Organisation, were invited to Liverpool to take part in the final conference of the year.

To celebrate all the hard work and dedication, we were treated to some inspirational speakers as well as celebrity boxer Ricky Hatton giving words of advice and an insight into his career highs and lows. There was also a repeat performance from last year as Jamie Archer played some classics to get everyone into the Christmas spirit!

Due to the amazing growth our company demonstrated throughout 2010 we were privileged to pick up the Organisational Expansion Award. Not only did we win as a company but some of our team leaders picked up an Excellence in Leadership awards to recognise their strengths and ability in coaching and developing their team to a high standard.

With everyone’s spirits high we returned home to Newcastle to look to the year ahead -2011!!


As Appco expands further around the world, some hard working members of our team were fortunate enough to fly over to spend a few days in offices throughout Malaysia and Singapore to find out exactly how they do things in the Far East. Not only taking in the beautiful surroundings but also their work ethic and dedication to the Clients which they are representing.

Despite the thousands of miles between our offices the basic principals were still the same, maintaining high standards and delivering a professional quality service for our clients.
They found out new ways to develop not only as team leaders but also as individuals which was as inspirational as the cities they were surrounded by.

As they return home, rested and energised after the short break we will be sure to see great things from them in the future!