Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crew Leaders Meeting

Throughout the year there are constantly members of the team excelling within the office. Due to his constant high standards and dedication our very own Ross was specially invited to the Crew Leaders event of the year at Appco headquarters in London.

He spent a day with other successful crew leaders from the company learning more about their own methods and also hearing from some of the prominent members of the Organisation. It also showed how far he has come since joining our company.

He learned some of the most important things about continuing his development such as ‘Time Management’ from Vice President Paul Birkett, ‘Building a team and atmosphere’ from Vice President Simon Murphy and ‘Planning ahead’ from Appco Managing Director Mike Blaine. Ross took away some invaluable advice from these visionary leaders in the company and is already beginning to implement the new ideas within his own team and continue his own journey.
Ross said of the experience-“ It’s the best meeting I have ever been to because it was most relevant to myself. Recently I have been to owners meetings and obviously several Rising Stars but since joining Coulson in 2009, this has been the most helpful. I am going to use it to change a lot of things in my Team and have plenty of new contacts I can use to network!”