Tuesday, August 30, 2011

VSO Training in Ireland

This month some of our top performers were invited over to Ireland to meet not only the person who began the important task of representing VSO in Ireland, but also their ambassador and Rose of Tralee , Clare Kambamettu! Claire has been heavily involved in promoting and seeing firsthand the importance of this charity. She recently visited Africa to see how much of an affect the fundraising we generate in this country can benefit others. This as you can imagine was not only a hugely humbling experience for our own fundraisers but also deeply rewarding, one of those lucky enough to go on the trip commented, ‘Hearing from someone who has experienced firsthand the help the VSO provide, really brought to light the importance of our own part in the process and made us all proud to be involved, no matter how small our contribution’.

After the inspirational speech by Clare Kambamettu, it was the turn of our top performers to give a presentation on what works for them in the field and what techniques helped them earn a place on the trip. The focus of the presentation was qualifying and dealing with the most common blocks and negatives they encounter, as the majority of the people in the audience were brand new to charities.

As mentioned they got to meet Daryl Burrowes who started to fundraise for VSO in Ireland from within his own office. His vision alone has helped secure thousands of long term donors, through whose help, the VSO will teach and create opportunities for people who are not as fortunate as we are in the UK and Ireland. His enthusiasm and drive for such an influential charity ‘greatly inspired, and give us a renewed energy to take into the field’ (Michael Lennon).

Needless to say all the guys involved felt refreshed in their knowledge of the charity and also motivated to continue with their hard work!

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